FEB 3, 2014

‘Show me’ tips for test day

Part of your practical driving test includes a ‘Show me – tell me’ section where the examiner asks you specific questions about the car and expects you to tell them or show them how to perform certain functions on the vehicle. This can be something as simple as showing them how to check the power steering is working properly or where you find the engine coolant reservoir. Get the questions wrong and this results in minor faults being recorded. You can prevent this by brushing up on your ‘show me –tell me’ knowledge. This blog highlights the ‘show me’ part of the test, the examiner normally asks one question from each category but be prepared just in case.

Engine oil – Show the examiner how to open the bonnet and check the dipstick for the correct amount of oil. Point out the ‘min’ and ‘max’ marks on the dipstick, tell the examiner how you would ‘top-up’ with oil if the levels were low.

Power steering – Turn the wheel when the engine is started but the car is stationary. It should feel light and easy to turn. The steering shouldn’t feel heavy when the vehicle is in motion either.

Coolant levels – Open the bonnet and show the examiner where the cooling system reservoir is located. Look at the low/high markings on the plastic reservoir. Explain how to top the coolant up if necessary.

Parking brake – Test the handbrake. Pull it on and it should hold the vehicle. If the handbrake is right at the top and it has trouble stopping the vehicle from moving it needs adjusting.

Brake fluid – Identify the brake fluid reservoir in the engine, show how to top it up if necessary.

Direction indicators – Switch the ignition on without starting the engine. Use the indicator switch and do a visual check on all the turn signals.

Horn – Use the horn control. Simple!

Brake lights – Operate the brake pedal with the ignition switched, don’t start the engine. Ask somebody to check the brake lights for you or look for reflections in glass windows, garage doors or anywhere you can see a reflection of your stop lights

Windscreen washer – Show how to operate the windscreen washer from inside the vehicle to wash and wipe the windscreen.

Fog lights – Turn on the fog lights, tell the examiner when you would use the lights and how you know they are on (warning light on dashboard).  

Demister – Explain to the examiner how to use the demister functions on the vehicle, show how to clear the front and back screens using fans, air current and heated screens.  

Main beam – Show the examiner how to switch from dipped headlights to main beam. Point out the warning light on the dash that shows when the main beam is on.

That’s the ‘show me’ section covered, we’ll look at the ‘tell me’ part in a later blog.

Created on 3rd February 2014
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