APR 10, 2014

‘Tell me’ tips for test day

Our last blog gave you an insight on ‘show me’ questions for test day so we thought we’d follow that feature up with an article on the ‘tell me’ section of the test. You will be asked two questions prior to setting off on your driving test, one from the ‘show me’ category and one from the ‘tell me’ section. Here are the ‘tell me’ questions you might be quizzed about, read them, memorise them and know them off by heart come test day.

  1. Tell me how to identify where the windscreen washer reservoir is -  Open the bonnet, show the examiner where the windscreen washer reservoir is, look at the levels by lifting off the cap, make sure there’s plenty of water and windscreen wash inside.

  2. Tell me how to test headlights and tail lights – Turn on the lights from inside the car, turn the ignition on without starting the car if necessary, walk around the car and look at the headlights at the front and the tail lights at the rear.

  3. Tell me how to test the brakes before a journey – Move off gradually then apply the brakes, the car should slow straight away, the brakes shouldn’t feel spongy and the vehicle shouldn’t pull to one side.

  4. Tell me how to check the tyre tread and condition – Look at the overall condition of the tyre, it shouldn’t have any bulges, cuts or signs of excessive wear. Check the tread depth, it should be at least 1.6mm across 3/4s of the width of the tyre and the outer circumference. Special tread depth gauges can be used to perform the task.

  5. Tell me where to find information about tyre pressure for this vehicle and how would you test the tyres -  Tyre pressures are displayed in the manufacturer’s handbook, you can check the tyres using a pressure gauge and it’s best to check tyres when they are cold.

  6. Tell me how you would know if there was a problem with the car’s anti-lock braking system – A warning light should flag up on the dashboard to notify you there’s an issue with the brakes.

  7. Tell me how to adjust the head restraint to give the best protection in the event of a crash – Adjust the head restraint, check the rigid part is as high as your eyes or top of the ears, it should be close to the back of your head and feel comfortable.

That’s it for the tell me part of the ‘show-me – tell me’ questions, brush up on your knowledge in this area and answer the questions correctly to avoid getting a test fault on the day.  


Created on 10th April 2014
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