AUG 2, 2013

5 of the most common reasons that people fail their driving test

So you’re driving test is coming up, you feel that you’re well prepared. You know the rules of the road, you’re safe behind the wheel and you’re sure that you’re going to pass. What could go wrong?

There have been countless people taking their test with this attitude but they’ve failed.

How did they fail if they felt so sure of success?

Well, there are some common trip-ups that people make. I’m going to show you what they are here in hopes that you’ll be able to avoid them on the day.

Junction observations

If you’re approaching a junction you need to make sure that you’re planning your next move when you come to a halt. Who has the right of way? Look at the traffic in BOTH directions. Too many people trust that a glance will be enough and don’t give enough time to inspect the traffic.

Look in every direction.

Using your mirrors

Have you noticed those two things jutting out of the door on either side of the vehicle? Did you notice the shiny thing coming out of the ceiling? Those are your mirrors. Why not try utilising them on your test?

When you’re changing lanes you should check your mirror every time regardless of how certain you are the path is clear. Always use your mirrors. They’ll show you what’s around you at every angle.

Reverse parking and your blind spot

Reverse parking is a tricky manoeuvre, and one that some people who’ve been on the roads for years are still yet to master. A driving examiner wants to see you not glance towards your blind spot, but truly inspect it. It’s dangerous swinging the front of your car into the road. Check your mirrors and then your blind spot taking as much time as you feel you need.

Incorrect signals

Unfortunately it’s too easy to forget to turn on your or off your signals. You’re so busy concentrating on everything else around you that cancelling indications slips from the mind. If you leave a signal on then you’re misleading other road users.

That can be quite dangerous.


You’d think that people on their driving tests would do their utmost to stick to the speed limit. But people going over the limit is one of the most common causes of failing. Keep your eyes peeled at all times as to the speed of the road that you’re on. Even if you know the speed, it’s easy to slip over it by a MPH or two. Regularly check the speedometer and always make a conscious effort to keep under the speed limit.

Driving over the limit can lose you your chance of passing.

It’s all about common sense at the end of the day. Yes, I know that nerves play a large part but you know what the rules of the road are. Just remember, stick to them! 

Created on 2nd August 2013
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