MAY 13, 2014

7 dos and don’ts to help you pass your driving test

Test day tomorrow? Feeling nervous? The best thing you can do is relax and treat it like any other drive. Your instructor will by now have stopped coaching you at every turn showing that you are a capable and confident driver. We’ve got 7 tips on how to prepare for the test and how to handle the test itself.

Before the test

  1. Don’t stay up too late the night before. You’ll be tired making you more susceptible to stress and your reaction times will be slower.
  2. Do wear the right shoes. Your driving test might be a different time than your lessons usually take place. You might have to go to work after. Be mindful of how you dress, in particular wearing your usual driving shoes.
  3. Don’t forget to eat. Don’t skip a meal before your test. Most people take a lesson before their driving test so it’s likely you’ll be driving or getting to and from your test for several hours. You need to make sure you have the fuel to keep you alert.
  4. Do remember that you are ready for your test. Your instructor believes that you can pass and so should you.

On the test

  1. Don’t rush the test. While on your test you may feel as though you want to show how well and thus how quickly you can perform the tasks set for you. However you risk messing up if you rush through. You don’t have to get anywhere quickly and in fact will be inviting extra work for yourself if you go quickly.
  2. Do listen very carefully to what the examiner says. Think carefully about what he or she has said. For example if you are told to follow signs for Llandudno, which is the 3rd exit at the next round about. Apart from knowing that you must count 3 exits on the roundabout and then come off you should remember that a right turn requires you to drive in the right hand lane. So when you hear the instruction you need to change lanes immediately.
  3. Don’t panic if you make a mistake. There is no use in worrying about a possible mistake. Each examiner uses their own judgement to assess your driving skill. If you like you can explain out loud why you made certain decisions if you think you were right but fear the examiner didn’t see what you saw. Continue to do the best you can throughout because you might not have made a mistake.
Created on 13th May 2014
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