SEP 5, 2013

How to Prepare for Your Theory Driving Test – The Ultimate Guide

So you’ve been taking driving lessons for a few months now. You’re pretty confident behind the wheel. You know your biting points. Understand you gear changes. You know which signals to use when turning.

You’re going to ace your practical.

That’s all very well and good, but you need to get through your theory first.

This is usually the hardest part for many. There are so many rules of the roads and signs to learn that it can be a little scary.

This is why I’ve put together this guide. It’s to ease the nerves. Stop the shaking. And to help you prepare.

Let’s get started...

Practice Sessions

Rather than heading feet first into the mock tests, I recommend completing a few practice sessions first. You can purchase computer programmes that will run these practice sessions. They’ll also note your stronger points, and your weaker points.

Taking part in these sessions every day should mean that when it eventually comes round to your test, you’re ready to rumble.

Find the Trend

After a couple of weeks plugging away at the practice sessions you’ll start to notice a trend. This trend will be the questions that you’re getting wrong consistently.

If you don’t take action to correct your errors, you’re going to find on test day, you get them wrong once more.

Take note of all the subjects and questions that you have difficulty with and work on them solidly for two weeks.

When I say work on them solidly I don’t just mean remember them...


Too many people fail because they simply try and remember the answers to the test. With a vast array of possible questions, you’ll be hard pressed to remember everything.

The trick to passing is understanding. Learn the questions inside out and then understand why the answer is what it is.

This way on test day you won’t have to try and bring forth a complex answer from the depths of your memory.

There is a difference.

Mock Tests

Once you’ve ironed out your weaker questions it’s time to take to the mock tests. You should start these around 2 weeks before your actual exam date. Each time you take it you’ll be peppered with different types of questions, testing your abilities and understanding of the subjects.


The real trick to passing your theory is creating a revision routine for yourself.

Yes, it sounds a little boring but if you want to pass, it’s a must.

Every night set a time that you’re going to sit down and work on your practice sessions, highway code or mock tests and keep to it. Remove all distractions and work towards understanding each subject and answer.

Good luck! 

Created on 5th September 2013
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