AUG 4, 2014

The benefits of intensive driving courses

Most people learn, and retain information, more easily when taught intensively. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people are choosing to learn to drive through a course of intensive driving tuition. When driving is taught weekly, things are often forgotten and confidence lost from lesson to lesson: an intensive course eradicates this. We have compiled some information to help you choose between an intensive driving course and weekly driving lessons.

Intensive driving courses

There are two main positives to intensive driving courses: they are cheaper and take less time to complete. You can end up spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds over many months in an attempt to learn to drive. From waiting between lessons to waiting to book your practical driving test, it consumes both time and money. In this sense, intensive driving courses are much more efficient. There are four major pros for intensive driving courses:

  1. They are completed in much less time than traditional, weekly driving lessons. If a long period of time is left between lessons, it is easy for the student to become bored, restless and forgetful.
  2. The hour-by-hour learning is thought to be more effective in an intensive course than with weekly lessons. As the intensive lessons are spaced closely together, more information is likely to be retained and used from lesson to lesson. If a student does not drive for an entire week, it takes time to re-orientate themselves and regain confidence. This time is saved within an intensive course.
  3. Weekly lessons also result in forgetfulness and the need to recap. As intensive courses last for many hours, it doesn’t matter if half an hour is spent recapping. However, if half an hour of an hour lesson is spent recapping, only half of the time is spent learning new things. Intensive courses are more efficient for each of these factors.
  4. As well as the memory of the student, the driving instructor’s memory is greatly tested when it comes to weekly lessons. An intensive course allows the instructor to remember the student’s progress and begin where the last lesson left off.

Weekly driving lessons

Although intensive driving courses are becoming more popular, weekly lessons are still widely used as a learning method. Intensive courses often require people to take a whole week of work or to be completed in the summer holidays from college or university. In contrast, weekly lessons can work around your schedule and be completed to suit your lifestyle. Also, many people do not work well under pressure and in a specified amount of time. Many people need time to digest and process information before putting it into practice. If you learn more slowly and carefully, you may still be suited to weekly driving lessons.

Created on 4th August 2014
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