Automatic tuition

Driving lessons in manual or automatic cars

Automatic tuition is available in some centres - please do contact us to check availability if you should prefer to go for automatic.

Automatic versus Manual - for's and against's

Isn't it easier to learn in an automatic? - Yes, in so far as you will not need to master the co-ordination of pedals to the same degree, and of course an automatic selects the gear that is needed for the job so you don't have to think about it other than in pre-selecting a gear in certain circumstances.

In the UK, manual cars far outnumber automatics - partly because automatics are more expensive to buy and consume more fuel. Also don't forget that if you pass your test in a manual, you are entitled to drive an automatic, but passing in an automatic requires you to sit another test in order to be able to drive a manual.

So unless you have a specific need to choose automatic, you will have more flexibility if you learn to drive a manual geared car.

Please not that we charge £2 per hour extra for Automatic tuition, but bear in mind that you will generally need fewer lessons overall, as you don't need to master gear-changing and clutch control.

For more in depth discussion call us on 01248 853970 or email We’re available 9am to 9pm weekdays so don’t hesitate to get in contact for a fast answer to your query.

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