Tailored training

Motorway Tuition

Before passing your driving test you will have had no experience of motorway driving, and may be a bit wary. We will guide you as to how to come on and off the motorway confidently, how to maintain correct speed and distance, and maximise progress (whilst keeping on the right side of the law!) without compromising safety. Most importantly, we can help you feel at ease with motorway driving, whatever your previous level of experience.

Depending on your exact requirements,  2 x 2.5 hour sessions might be helpful, i.e. the first session to take you through the “basics”, slip roads on and off the motorway, changing lanes, forward planning for safe progress etc., and the second session would expand on this, with more emphasis on your confidence in handling the situations that you meet, where the instructor sets a route, observes and then gives a de-brief with breakdown of any areas that need further attention. Our modern training techniques are based on ‘defensive driving’, making the best progress with the most safety.

Cost:  5 hours motorway training, over one or two days - £150  (or in automatic - £165)

Motorway Tuition is offered in most areas (according to proximity to the motorway system).


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