Advanced Tuition


Our Advanced driving course is suitable for full time drivers seeking to hone their skills on the road. The course is DIAmond Advanced meaning it’s accredited by the Driving Instructors Association. You can complete your advanced driver training course in a day or split it up over a series of days through intensive lessons.

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The benefits of advanced lessons

Aside from generally feeling more satisfied in your driving technique advanced driving lessons offer a host of other advantages:

You’ll learn how to drive more economically and execute manoeuvres smoothly leading to greater fuel efficiency and less wear and tear on your vehicle’s engine and other mechanical components.

Increasing your skills and confidence as a driver through advanced driving lessons will help you to remain calm and reduce the likelihood of accidents meaning a stress free time behind the wheel.

A clean driving licence and no claims on your insurance should result in lower car insurance over time. Or, to see gains immediately, you could install a black box in your vehicle to show off your expert driving and lower your insurance costs accordingly. With advanced driver training under your belt the results will amaze your insurers. Many policies have been reduced by as much as 30% with data from a little black box.

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Prices differ depending on location so for an accurate quote call us on 01248 853970 or email kate@fastrackpass.co.uk. We’re available 9am to 9pm weekdays so don’t hesitate to get in contact for a fast answer to your query.

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