One-to-one Tuition


One-to-one Tuition from Top Instructors
Our nationwide network of courses are staffed by male and female driving instructors qualified to the highest level, with a choice of manual or automatic vehicles. You’ll receive one-to-one tuition at all times, ensuring that your skill levels increase at the maximum rate possible with no distractions. The quality of our instruction is reflected by our pass rate: over 70%, which is more than double the national average of first-time successes.

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How does it work?

Intensive Driving Courses are designed for people who need to learn to drive in a much shorter time than it would take with the conventional method of an hour’s lesson each week. This can mean up to 5 hours’ tuition in a day (interspersed with breaks!) over consecutive days, or for a less demanding schedule the number of hours for each driving session can be reduced, spreading the course out over a greater number of days, or even weeks.
Flexibility is the key to our success, as we recognise and cater for the very different requirements for each individual. No two pupils are the same and so our courses aren’t all the same!

Our instructors are fully qualified and highly graded by the Driving Standards Agency, very experienced, patient and friendly, and will do their best to make sure you enjoy your course whilst obtaining the most out of it.

Naturally the aim of most of our students is to pass a driving test. We are proud of our success rate which is over 70%. Compare this with the national average figures from the DSA for passing – around 43% and you will understand why we have enjoyed over 30 years of satisfied customers, who frequently recommend us to friends and family.

Please be sure to notify us from the very start if you are looking for Automatic tuition, as we are able to offer this in selected areas only. Look for the asterisk* after the place name on our Locations page.

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Which Course For Me?

As a rough guide, this table can help you plan what you might need:

Experience (Hrs)
Tuition required (Hrs)
Days for Course



8 days minimum



5-7 days



4-6 days

Recently failed


2-3 days

Bear in mind that you can spread out the tuition over a greater number of days, if you wish to do your course at a more relaxed pace, with no more than 2 or 3 hours of driving in a day. An assessment lesson before you embark on the course will help you decide how many more hours will be needed to bring you up to test standard. This is usually a 1.5 hour lesson, and it is also your opportunity to “try before you buy!”… check out both car and instructor before deciding.


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