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Pass Plus – when you’ve passed the Driving Test

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Statistics show that as a new driver you are at your most vulnerable for the first 2 years after passing the test. This course takes you through elements of driving not necessarily covered in the ordinary test and gives you more advanced defensive driving techniques whilst boosting your awareness of all kinds of hazards. This extra training will also increase your confidence if you are a more nervous driver.

We offer the Pass Plus course at most of our learner driver locations. For maximum advantage the new driver should gain a little experience of “driving solo” for a few weeks in familiar territory before doing the Pass Plus, but in fact it can be done at any stage during the first twelve months after passing the driving test.

The course, (there is no “test”), lasts about six hours and can be done in one day, in two 3-hour days or three 2-hour days. The instructor needs to be satisfied that you are fully prepared for driving on motorways, for example, and for coping with adverse weather conditions and night driving. City driving and country lane driving each have their own hazards, and are considered in the syllabus.

Pass Plus drivers can gain considerable insurance discounts; often as much as the cost of the course and sometimes hundreds of pounds (see pass plus.org for full details).

Price depends on area but will be approximately £200 - please contact Kate for a quotation.

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