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Take the fast track to your driver’s licence in the East Midlands with our experienced, friendly tutors. Whether you’re looking to take to the driver’s seat for the first time or you need a little refreshing, we can help. Each course is tailored to ensure that you get the most out of your time with us.

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With a test pass rate of over 70% we’re proud of the work we do and make sure that everyone who comes onboard receives the best in driving tuition in the East Midlands. Automatic or manual, we have tutors who are trained to teach both, and they’ll adapt the course to go at a rate you’re comfortable with. We have a variety of packages including one that involves the driving test on the final day of your tuition, so if you’re in a rush to pass, we can speed things along.

Our intensive courses don’t miss a beat though. At the end you’ll be confident, competent, and knowledgeable behind the wheel.

Get in touch today on 01248 823970 to learn more about our course or book your intensive driving lessons in the East Midlands.

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* Tuition using cars equipped with an automatic gearbox available at indicated locations

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